What is MPV Award in Cricket and How to Make Money on it?

Cricket is a sport in which the most useful sportsmen in a match, series, or tournament are awarded the title of the best player. This is an honorary title that shows that the athlete has performed the brilliant result. This is a welcome reward for sportsmen and an excellent opportunity for cricket bettors to make money. Most bookmakers allow you to bet on the best players, and the odds are almost always relatively high. But first, let’s figure out what an MVP award is and how it is received.

What is MPV Award?

It is tough to receive this prize. A professional athlete must show perfect knowledge of technique, tactics, and the intricacies of the game. The player must deliver excellent performance from both the attacking and defending sides. He should have practically no mistakes. This is why the owners of these awards are indeed the best of the best.

Who to Bet on?

At the moment, in the world of cricket, many worthy players can receive an award. We have compiled a list of three athletes currently playing in the IPL. They have the potential to have a better chance and have been doing great in their league lately.

Ben Stokes
This athlete is arguably the best all-around cricket sportsman in the entire world. He has become a legend over the past two years, leading England to the 2019 league title. Ben Stokes has been playing in the IPL for three seasons, where he bypasses all rivals.
In 2017, he already won the MVP award with the Rising Pune Supergiants and wanted to repeat his achievement. So, cricket betting on his name will bring a big jackpot!

Glenn Maxwell
Another IPL representative is on today’s list. He rightfully bears the title of the best striker of the Australian national team. And this is not surprising. He improved the technique of strikes and also developed his own – proprietary reverse.
In 2021, the RCB team bought Maxwell for a staggering $ 2 million, which speaks of his prospects. To summarize, this athlete has every chance of getting the prize in the near future. Don’t miss your chance for successful cricket bets!

Andre Russell
One of the most prominent athletes who completely changed the rules of the IPL game! At one time, he showed incredible results and has already received the MVP award twice. Russell is fascinating to watch because he is at the peak of his career and at any time can again be recognized as the most useful cricket player. Thus, he will break the record of the entire league.
It is also worth clarifying that the last time an athlete played was with an injured shoulder, which limited his potential. Now it has fully recovered and is an excellent bet!

Make Your Choice!

Don’t miss your opportunity to make money and start placing bets right now. Choosing one of the listed athletes as a favorite will give you a massive advantage over other bettors!