Cricket Betting Glossary: Bet Types

Cricket is a very old game that has won many fans around the world. It is not surprising that many bookmakers offer users to make wagers on this sport. This article can help you get to know the terminology of cricket betting and start making money on your favorite sport!

List of Popular Cricket Bets

The main difficulty for new players is the diversity of sports bet types. This is due to the specifics of cricket and the number of various criteria by which the players are judged.

Let’s start digging into the world-famous sport right now! Here is a list of the main types of cricket wagers:

Game Result
This is the most common sort of wager both in cricket and in other sports communities. It’s elementary: your task is to divine which club will win the match. Of course, since the game can end in a draw in this sport, you also have that choice.

Finished Match
This term is unique to cricket and some other games that are highly dependent on weather conditions. The fact is that the match can last for two days, in case of a rainstorm or other troubles, and your goal is to guess it. There are only two options: “Yes” and “No.” Accordingly, you should predict can the game stop today (Yes) or tomorrow and later (No).

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Draw bet
Some bookmakers make this type of wager separately from the deal on the result of the match. The principle is the same: the player must indicate whether the game ends in a draw (Yes) or a victory for one of the teams (No).

Innings Runs
The innings are the part into which the game of cricket is divided. Each of them can have a certain quantity of runs. If you try to bet on innings runs, you need to guess how many runs can be in the first inning. Many bookies call that Over / Under, similar to points in other games.

Top Batsman/Bowler
Often a professional cricketer can be awarded the title of the best batsman/bowler of the match. This happens for the most significant number of points or wickets received, respectively. The difficulty lies in the fact that you have to choose from several dozen players. However, the reward in this type of sports betting is distinguished by its great benefits.

Batsman/Bowler Match Bets
If the previous sort of wager caused you wrath, then, in that circumstance, the condition is much simpler. Professional gamblers still have to guess the best players in the match, but now the bookmaker gives you a choice of only two athletes. So, you are thinking about which of these two people will be higher in the line for the title.

Team of Top Batsman
In this bet type, you do not need to make a selection from current players! The coefficients and the winnings in this type of cricket bet are pretty high, which makes them suitable for earning. This time, you should make a choice, the participant of which team can receive the title of the best batsman.

Tournament Champion
As with any other sport, tournaments are held in cricket. Fortunately, bookmakers could not ignore such events. After studying the list of teams for a specific tournament, you place a bet on the one that will win the final. Of course, making a choice is sometimes quite tricky, but the amount of possible winnings is worth it!

Series Winner
Often professional teams have several friendly games in a row. You can also make good money at these events! You need to predict which team can win the most games in this series. By studying the information about the sportsmen and their previous experience, it is pretty easy to choose.

Series Score
If you liked the concept of a streak, here is another type of cricket wagering that might suit you. Before starting the games, the Sportsbook analyzes the situation and predicts the teams’ total score at the end of the series. Your task is to compete with the bookmaker and guess whether the score will be less or more than the declared one.

Win Toss
Quite an exciting type of cricket betting that has nothing to do with the sport itself! If you want to relax your brain and still make money, you can try your luck here. All you have to do is choose which team wins the coin toss at the start of the game. Of course, it’s impossible to guess, but it’s fun!

Toss Combination
If you are attracted to the concept of ​​making money by flipping a coin, then this type of sports betting can also interest you. The bottom line is that now you have to guess two options at once: which team will win on the coin toss and which side the team will choose. The team can choose the side of defense or attack after the draw. Of course, you only get money if both of your deals are correct. This isn’t easy to do, but the odds for this type of cricket wagers are pretty high. Unfortunately, not all bookmakers propose gamblers place bets on them.

Man of the Match
This is the most prestigious title a sportsman can get in a match. Your task is to guess what cricketer can get the title of the most useful on the entire field. Of course, this business is not complicated if there are clear favorites on the team. However, you should remember that cricketers earn this title only in large tournaments. At the same time, distribution is not made at smaller events.

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Cricket betting is an exciting activity, as the game has many options for the development of events. In addition to all this, sports wagering in this area is also very profitable. Don’t be afraid to play and make a profit with new knowledge!