Cricket Betting: List of Useful Tips

Cricket has long been a game that has spread across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people play it, and millions more place their bets. In this article, you will learn some valuable tips to help you better understand this sport and get more wins!
Here is a list of things that will surely help you. Of course, as you get more experienced, you can add to this list. However, there are basic things that all people, who do cricket betting should understand.

Watch the weather

Cricket is perhaps one of the few games in the world that are too dependent on the weather. Different weather conditions can turn the course of the match in opposite directions. But do not despair, as this gives an advantage to the bettor who is familiar with this problem.

How can you use this?

The simplest thing that comes to mind is betting on the continuation of the match on another day due to bad weather conditions. This happens with enviable regularity, and if storm clouds are gathering over the stadium today, you can try to make some easy money.
Also, you have the opportunity to analyze how different teams behave in lousy weather. Some of them even get an advantage because they have more experience. This rule also applies to the individual players of each group. So, your betting experience can become much profitable.

The Coverage of the Stadium

Field coverage also dramatically affects the performance of individual players. The point is, someone has trained in an arid climate and has more experience playing on a similar type of soil. At the same time, players from cold countries will have to get used to the cover first. It seems that this is not a significant indicator, but do not be fooled.
There is also some interesting data that confirms that teams that win the coin flip win match 34.8% of the time. In contrast, the losers in the coin toss win only 30%. This is beneficial information for cricket betting and should be used.

Player Experience

Sounds obvious, but you might be surprised how little cricket bettors analyze players’ past performance. Your task is to feel like CIA agents and explore all the information about the team’s leading players. Thus, you will find out in what form the player is, how he played the last games, in what cases he won, etc. Spending just a couple of tens of minutes on the analysis will significantly increase your chance of success betting.

Start Earning Now!

Don’t waste time and start using these tips in betting. You will get an edge over other cricket bettors as they rely on usual luck. Use logic and earn huge sums in one of the most popular sports!